Step by Step: How to install and use the fcomment plugin


The instructions below are for the Joomla 1.5.x version. For Joomla 2.5.x you can visit the following link where a short video will help your integration: http://cmsteachings.com/add-facebook-comments-joomla-25-articles.

Note: Don't forget, your site must be online for any Facebook component to work, since FB will want to "lint" your page regularly.

Step by step instructions:

1. Please download and save to your local harddrive the plg_fcomment.zip from the link on the author's homepage.

2. Go to the adminsitrator site of your homepage. Login with admin privileges.

3. Go to Extensions|Install/Uninstall.

4. Under Upload Package File, click Browse and select the downloaded plg_fcomment.zip.

5. Click Upload File & Install.

6. You should see a message showing the success of the installation, if you get an error message try resolve that until you complete this step.

7. Go to Extensions|Plugin Manager and look for the Plugin Name: Content - Facebook Comments in the list. You may have to scroll the pages at the bottom to find it.

8. Click on the small cross in red to enable the plugin. The list should refresh and show a green checkmark beside the plugin now.

9. This is also the place to set the parameters of the plugin, to do this click the name of the plugin which is also a link. If you make any modification please don't forget to click Apply or Save.

10. Now you are ready to add fcomment into your articles. Go to Content|Article Manager. Select the article you want to add fcomment or create a new one.

11. Type fcomment with the brackets as below anywhere in you text.

12. Once you are finished click Apply or Save and that you can test your page. Please use the Preview link on the top not the Preview button beside Save, because that does not render the plugin.

Have fun!


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